Illawarra Thermostatic Mixing Valve – Installation & Testing

Commercial & Residential THERMOSTATIC MIXING VALVEs

A thermostatic mixing valve is a fail-safe water temperature control device that mixes hot water with cold water to provide a safe, accurate, and constant flow of temperature-controlled water. The outlet temperature will remain within 0.5 degrees Celsius of what it has been set at, as the valve will automatically adjust the amount of hot and cold water being mixed to keep the temperature consistent and safe, avoiding scald incidents which is a particular risk to young children, the elderly, and people with disabilities due to tender skin and slower reaction time.

The installation of a thermostatic mixing valve at your property or workplace can be a great way to safeguard your family, friends, or employees against scalding. These devices do require an annual inspection by a licensed thermostatic mixing valve installer to ensure they are working correctly and to be signed off that they are still safeguarding that property. At Parto’s Plumbing and Drainage, we also offer this service to our customers in the Illawarra region.


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